Collection of Short Songs From A Different Angle

I finished my latest project, a collection of Short Songs (between one and two minutes long) called From A Different Angle. The tracks are home-recorded raw and unpolished demo versions.

If you come to one of my concerts you can get a copy of the album … no, not on CD but on a fancy USB stick including one of six selected pictures from my Instagram account little_things_different_angle, which you should definitely follow by the way 😉 You can also send me an email if you’d like a digital copy of the album and it is available for download/streaming available on iTunes, Spotify, Google Play etc.

The collection consists of the following 12 tracks:

01. This War

02. Love And Fear

03. Saturday Night

04. Foxborough (Dream Turned Lie)

05. Sometimes In Summer

06. No More Goodbyes

07. One And All

08. Invisible

09. Train

10. The Other Side

11. From A Different Angle

12. Peace