FIFA World Cup 2018 … new song “Wonderboy” by John Ian

The soccer world cup 2018 is about to start. I’m from Germany originally and soccer is a big thing there. I’d be lying if I said I didn’t feel excited about the cup and wasn’t looking forward to watching the matches but there is a lot to have mixed emotions about. I know it’s not only Germany and not only soccer … homophobia in sports is a general problem. Being gay as a major league player is taboo. Absolutely taboo. In the 21st century. Wow.
I wrote a song. It’s not your typical world cup song. It’s called “Wonderboy”. You can download it on Soundcloud for free or listen to it right here:

John Ian – Wonderboy


The boy with the magic left foot
You’re so good, oh so fucking good
They all want you, they all want you
My wonderboy

Living a rock star’s life
Millions of dollars and a fake wife
When they all stop chanting your name
What is left then, what remains?
My wonderboy

Another hat trick, another victory
Hidden in the darkness your true face they’ll never see
Cause in the 21st century, you still can’t be free, you can’t be free
My wonderboy

You place the ball on the ground, you take three steps back