Who is this guy?



John Ian. Singer-songwriter. Born and raised in Germany but lives in Canada. FTM*

Raw. Unpolished. Real.

In his heartfelt songs inspired by rock, folk and alternative music John Ian tells stories, observes and ponders. Things may at times look somber in his songs but never hopeless. There always is a way out of the darkness into the light.

*Not a fan of labels, but if you wanna talk letters, John is the T in LGBTQ. Yes, it does explain a few things about him and where he’s coming from but T is not all he is. “Human” is the only label any person out there should ever need. However, all letters of the alphabet need to be present in the arts to offer different perspectives and insights and to broaden people’s horizons and often too narrow minds.

Always happy to perform live. On stage or in your living room 😉 Booking: booking(at)john-ian.com

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